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ACC Football Week #9: Review

I think JP Giglio's power poll from his Late Hits post today sums up the ACC at this point.

Ranking the ACC

T1. Florida State
T1. Maryland
T1. Virginia Tech
T1. Georgia Tech
T1. Boston College
T1. Wake Forest
T1. Virginia
T1. Miami
10. Duke
11. Clemson
12. N.C. State

Sorting the ACC is like listening to Billy Squier’s greatest hits. Dude, is this “In the Dark” or “My Kinda Lover?” Who can tell the difference?

Duke's a step behind the top nine because it beat Virginia but couldn't close out Miami at home.

N.C. State and Clemson are the only teams kind enough to identify themselves.

What he said.

Record This Week: 3-3
Record This Season: 45-24