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Basketball Supports Football

This sort of stuff plays all kinds of havoc with the collective wisdom.

UNC had it's basketball media day but spend a fair amount time talking about the success of the football team:

CHAPEL HILL — While most of the basketball world is predicting a national title for North Carolina’s basketball team, Roy Williams is busy forecasting wins for the football team — including an end to the Tar Heels’ 13-game losing streak at Virginia on Saturday.

“I said last week before the week we were going to beatNotre Dame and I think the streak stops this weekend, too,” Williams said. “I think that’s going to be a fun time for (football coach) Butch (Davis) and his staff. I think we’ll play great up at Virginia.”

The football team’s success was a frequent topic of discussion at the basketball team’s media day Friday, with a number of players talking about their experiences at games and their friendship with senior quarterback Cam Sexton, who is sort of the unofficial football player of the basketball team.

“(Running back Shaun Draughn) was saying how great it was that the football team was doing so good now, and how they even have basketball players coming up to them and saying their behind them,” forward Marcus Ginyard said. “I just want to put it out there that I’ve always been behind them. It’s nothing new for me. They haven’t always been the best, but I’ve always been behind them. …

“They just have to keep it up – I have pretty good friends that go to Miami. I get to talk junk to them now. I’ve got friends who go to Virginia. Hopefully I’ll get to talk junk to them.”

Roy is known to be an ardent supporter of the other sports.  He shows up in Omaha for the College World Series, was seen at Kenan celebrating the huge upset over Miami in 2004.  It is by far one of the favorite aspects of having him as a coach is his willingness to support the other programs on campus.  Why is this level of support from the basketball corner important?  Because as Tar Heel fans we have been repeatedly clubbed by the  "Mack Brown left because his team was 2nd fiddle" meme for 10 years now.  The idea was that no matter what the football team did, basketball would always be king and therefore never enjoy broad support from the fans.  The fact the basketball players and the basketball coach are using their first full media day of their season talking about the football team is hugely important in terms of raising football's profile in Chapel Hill.  Obviously basketball will be first love in the hearts and minds of many Tar Heel fans.  However, when you see the basketball team talking about the football team, attending games and admantly cheering on the gridiron Heels I think it conveys a simple message: We love the football team, you should too.