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CBS Sportsline Player Rankings: Wings

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I think Parrish is casting a fairly wide net here.  Proof?  Kyle Singler is included.  Sorry, but I do not think of him as a "wing player."  Yes, I know he is more effective shooting outside than he is on the interior but when I think of wing players I think of guys who play outside in.  Singler seems to play inside out.  So Parrish is basically meshing small forwards or smallish power forwards with pure two guards/big two guards.  That is a huge melting pot and I think you end up comparing some different fruit here.  Speaking of the fruit, Wayne Ellington is ranked seventh:

7. Wayne Ellington (North Carolina)

Why he's here: Ellington's NBA stock took a hit at the NBA PreDraft Camp, but that has noting to do with his ability as a college scorer. The 6-4 junior averaged 16.6 points last season and is the weapon that helps keep opponents from collapsing on Tyler Hansbrough every possession.

Ellington was eighth last season in these rankings so it is odd that he only moves up one spot. Again, I think the melting pot nature of this category makes me largely ambivalent on this one.  Of the six guys ahead of Ellington, most of them have a better ppg average  and also seem to be mostly small forwards based on the heights.  I do think that the same thing which hurts Ellington on the NBA level hurts him here and that is the fact he is a 6-4 pure shooting guard who really does not finish at the basket.  That makes him a bit of a tweener both in these rankings and when is being scouted by the NBA.

Danny Green is 27th on this list.  Duke's Singler is 12th and Gerald Henderson is 14th.  Other ACC players include Wake's James Johnson(20th), Clemson's KC Rivers(22nd) and Virginia Tech's AD Vassallo(24th)  Feel free to debate whether Green got screwed or not.  Considering he has not been a starter and the majority of these guys are, being ranked at all ain't half bad.