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Clemson Fires Tommy Bowden[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Apparently Bowden offered to resign and Clemson accepted. Also, Clemson's AD still thinks they can win the ACC. Not unless Clemson wins out and Wake loses three games.

Should have taken the Arkansas job...

You know what will kill you as a coach on the hot seat?

Laying an egg on Thursday night.  Just asked The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named.  UNC's 23-0 loss at UVa two years ago moved Dick Baddour to finally pull the trigger on a coaching change.  Tommy Bowden runs into the same problem because those Thursday night games are major exposure and it gives the athletic director the whole weekend to think about it.

You know what will kill a coach named Bowden on the hot seat?

Playing Wake Forest.  In 2006 Wake smacked FSU 30-0 in Tallahassee and the following week much maligned Seminole offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden resigned at the behest of the boosters who gave him serious cash just to go away and never bother them again.  Now Tommy Bowden has been fired after losing to Wake Forest 12-7.

Wake Forest Football: Getting Bobby Bowden's sons axed since 2006.