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Consensus Unanimous #1 But What About Tyler!

Be nice if we could, you know, actually be excited about being #1.

The AP made UNC a consensus unanimous preseason #1 which is possibly the first time that has happened.  Too bad we are all worried about Tyler Hansbrough's right leg.  Speaking of which, Roy spoke today and Hansbrough had a bone scan which showed the bone was not fractured.  That means the injury is a muscle fatigue/inflammation issue which simply needs rest to heal.

From ACC Now:

Defending National Player of the Year Tyler Hansbrough underwent a bone scan today, which revealed that he does not have stress fracture, UNC announced.

The test confirmed he does stress reaction in his right shin — which is a precursor to a stress fracture — and is expected to be until at least mid-November.

"Tyler had some tests today that gave us more information," UNC coach Roy Williams said in a prepared statement. "There is a great possibility that we will hold Tyler out of practice for the next two weeks, then re-evaluate his condition at that time.

"Of course we are all disappointed for Tyler and our team, but everybody on the roster has a chance to do a little more and play a little better to help make up for the loss of the national player of the year."

UNC opens the regular season on Nov. 15 against Penn. If Hansbrough does not practice for the next 14 days, it appears unlikely he would play in the game.

Again, this is about where I expected this to end up.  The question will be come November 13th or so if the injury has healed and Hansbrough can resume practice.  Missing the Penn game would not be a huge deal because I would think UNC could handle matters even without Hansbrough.  Of course you can always count on Bobby Frasor to lighten our day with a good ribbing of his housemate:

Asked if Tyler was a fast healer, Frasor said, "Like with all the Chuck Norris stuff, where he'll maybe cry and heal himself?"

Then he laughed.

"He’ll be fine. He’ll do everything he can possibly do – pills, he’ll talk to [the strength and conditioning coach] about massages, maybe there’s a machine out there he can purchase to make his bone heal fast. So whatever’s out there, he’ll find, and he’ll be back as fast as possible."

Hopefully we will all be laughing about it a few weeks from now.