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Excellent Assessment On UNC Dealing With Injuries

From ACC Football Report:

Stud starting QB gone by the middle of game 3. Stud wide receiver and kick-return deity gone by the middle of game 6. Stud running back mysteriously underwhelming all season. A defense that bends into a pretzel most of the year - but never quite breaks. With Butch Davis leading the charge, that gets you a 5-1 record against one of the better schedules in the country this year. The North Carolina Tar Heels certainly have the excuses to pack it in or to justify a defeat here or there, but they're not biting. Despite the personnel losses, they've blown apart 25% of the Big East (Rutgers and UConn) and they've had to dig deep and come back to beat Miami and Notre Dame. That so many unheralded players have stepped up when called upon is either a testament to substances in the drinking water in Chapel Hill, or in all seriousness the result of superb coaching, development and preparation by Davis and staff. How would Florida look without just Tim Tebow? Texas without just Colt McCoy? Mizzou without just Jeremy Maclin? We'll probably never know, but we do know that Butch rolls with the punches and hits back with whatever he's got left...and hits hard.

Among the various changes Butch Davis has brought, the change in the way the players go about their business both on and off the field is the most impressive. Word is players are putting in extra time studying film. On the field the play has been agressive and with the exception of the Virginia Tech game, mostly free of unforced errors. It has been team oriented in nature and there is no doubt the young players on this team are buying whatever it is that Davis is selling. Sometimes those intangibles are enough to overcome a myriad of shortcomings.