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Injury Report for Virginia

Via ACC Now:

PROBABLE: DL Quinton Coples (foot); DL Darrius Massenburg (knee); DL Tydreke Powell (chest)

QUESTIONABLE: OL Bryon Bishop (back); DL Greg Elleby (ankle); LB Linwan Euwell (thigh); WR Rashad Mason (thigh)

OUT: TE Zach Pianalto (ankle); QB T.J. Yates (ankle); DB Richie Rich (thigh); TE Randy White (back); WR Brandon Tate (knee)

We are starting to see too many key names on the "OUT" line. Yates, Tate and also Zach Pianalto. Randy White is also out which limits UNC at tight end. Also of concern is the number of defensive linemen listed as either probable or questionable. Notre Dame was a tough game all the way around, especially for the defensive front. UVa is a running team so it will be key these guys play well.