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Lute Olson Stepping Down At Arizona[UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Confirmed by Arizona. According to Gary Parrish, Olson stayed too long at the dance and there were signs as early as the end of the 2007 NCAA Tournament that Olson was not up to the job and possibly dealing with some deterioration of his mental faculties. Now, he walks away with an abrupt bizarreness which robs him of the honor he is due for winning 770 games. Like him or not(and I have never been a fan) winning 770 games and a national title in major college basketball is nothing to sneeze at.

Also, in this lies the cautionary tale about the right time to walk away. Dean chose to leave when he was still going to Final Fours and recruiting top players, I expect Roy to do the same. For Olson, his legacy is damaged to some extent by staying too long and exiting this way which is unfortunate for someone whose accomplishments demanded a better ending to the story.

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So says Dick Vitale, Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman to name a few.  Health is being given as the reason for his departure.  This event and the massive defections of young players and recruits officially qualifies Arizona's basketball program as a huge mess.  Especially with the whole fiasco last spring surrounding Olson's return following his leave of absence which was followed by Olson giving interim and anointed successor Kevin O'Neil the boot.

Meanwhile Herb Sendek is sitting back wondering where he has seen this movie at before...