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Odds and Ends: Gipper Edition

Here comes Notre Dame

  • I had forgotten that Greg Little initially committed to Notre Dame but later changed his mind and signed with UNC.  Charlie Weis says there are no hard feelings.  Insert you own Charlie Weis joke here now.
  • Will UNC wear navy jerseys against Notre Dame?  In an interview this morning on 850 the Buzz, Adam Gold asked if they would be breaking out navy jerseys similar to the navy pants we saw against Rutgers.  Davis' answer? "You never know."  Translation: UNC is so wearing navy on Saturday.
  • Joe Ovies is having a little fun with my diatribe against Heather Dinich here and here.  All I will say is: Thanks for the web traffic.
  • You know that UNC secondary might be pretty good and they live in the same house too.
  • UNC is apparently one of the top five biggest suprises this season according to Fox Sports along with Vanderbilt, Ball State, Northwestern and Duke.  I would venture to say whoever did that little feature has not been paying attention since UNC's success is not nearly as surprising as the other four.