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Parrish: UNC Won't Go Undefeated But They Could

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Or something like that. Prepare yourself for the parade of Gary Parrish preseason predictions and rankings. His preseason Top 25 has UNC #1. Shocking, I know. He also takes the same angle on the whole undefeated talk I have taken and that is UNC could go perfect but is all likelihood it won't happen. Parrish basically says that the odds of it happening are not great but you might be insane if you do not at least think it is possible. I suppose that makes Roy Williams insane because there is a greater chance he will drink a Pepsi than buy into this undefeated talk.

Of course Parrish makes the logical argument that if UNC returns everyone stronger and older plus adds a great set of freshman while everyone else had major attrition forcing them to fill their ranks out with freshman not nearly as good as the ones we saw last season, why not pick UNC to win it all while going undefeated? Good question, except UNC is not going undefeated which is why Parrish says they will win the title at 38-1.

I can live with that as long as that one is not versus Duke.