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Roy on 850 the Buzz

Roy Williams was on 850 with Adam Gold and Joe Ovies this morning. He talks about various topics we have heard and will hear from now until the season begins such as expectations. I hit some highlights below the jump.

1. Danny Green, Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington were all told, with the parents involved that they had a choice.  They could return to the team and commit to the team concept of working within whatever role they were given to win a national title for UNC or they could go to the NBA.  Roy said if they thought they were coming back to simply showcase their skills and look for 30 shots a game then he'd rather they not and enter the draft.  So the question of how to manage players looking to make it on the next level has already been answered by the fact they accepted these terms and came back

2. Roy's theory as to what happened during the Kansas game was the player came out "tiptoeing through the tulips" as he put it.  Roy thinks they were casual and careless to start the game, while Kansas showed up to play.  The result was 40-12 after 12 minutes.  The problem in Roy's mind was the players perhaps never grasped what the coaches meant when they talked about not playing casual.  Now they know and Roy is making a point of working on this in practice.  Casual and careless play will not be tolerated and if it happens in practice it will be addressed so it does not happen during a game.

3. Roy also defended his position on not calling a timeout during the Kansas game.  If you were paying attention last season, Adam Gold was the biggest detractor on this saying Roy should have used his timeouts and that was part of the problem.  Roy explained that calling a timeout would not have mattered because they had the TV timeouts, made adjustments in the huddle, begged, pleaded and possibly sacrificed a live chicken to get the players attention and nothing worked.  The players basically had to get their "heads cleared" on their own and when they did UNC ran off a 38-14 run to close the game to four.  Roy also pointed out that he never called timeout during the Boston College game when Tyrese Rice was channeling Michael Jordan.  Roy's position is you work on this stuff in practice and the players know what to do.  He would rather save his timeouts should he need them in a close game.  The Clemson game in Chapel Hill was a prime example of the benefit of having all your timeouts late.

I am honestly hoping that closes the book on the Kansas game as well as any talk of individuals looking out for themselves but knowing the media the way I do, I doubt it.