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Tar Heel Nation Holds Its Breath[UPDATED]

UPDATE #2: More information via ESPN which casts a brighter picture.

"He'll be ok," Hansbrough's father, Gene, told's Andy Katz. "His leg's been bothering him for a couple of weeks. It's a stress reaction and he needs to rest a bit. He just needs time to let it heal. There is no reason for him to limp through it."

According to ESPN medical analysist Dr. Michael Kaplan, the MRI likely showed increased uptake in tibia (leg bone) suggesting a stress reaction. An overload or overuse type phenomenon occurs with inflammation and, ultimately, fatigue failure with stress fracture. This is a precursor condition to stress fracture. A period of rest is mandatory for tissues to quiet down or worsening injury will result.

The school issued a statement saying there is no timetable for his return and no further information on the injury was available. Coach Roy Williams said he would have no comment until Friday after he meets with Hansbrough and the medical staff.

"I expect he'll be healthy and play [this season]," Gene Hansbrough said. "It's still to early to tell. They don't even have an exhibition for a week."

Hansbrough played in all 108 games during his previous three seasons at North Carolina, and has two weeks to heal before the Nov. 15 season opener against Pennsylvania if he is to keep that streak intact.

"He understands the big picture," Gene Hansbrough said. "He knows he has to get well and be 100 percent to help the team."

Gene Hansbrough told Katz that Tyler's shin started to bother him a couple of weeks ago. "But it got worse. It doesn't hurt when he walks on it. I just hope he recovers soon," Gene Hansbrough said.

Jay Bilas was at UNC's practice in indicated it was more precautionary than anything else and Hansbrough should recover as quickly as a week or maybe longer. Bilas said he did not think it would be a long term issue and even saw it as an opportunity for other players, such as Deon Thompson, to step up in practice and get better.

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UPDATE: ACC Now talked to Tyler's father Gene Hansbrough who is also an orthopedic surgeon.  The elder Hansbrough downplayed the injury saying "I think he’ll get well pretty quick…These things happen, and he’ll be all right."

Because UNC has announced Tyler Hansbrough will sit out of practice indefinitely with a stress reaction in his leg.

First question, what the heck is a stress reaction? A quick Google of the term tells me very little.  I am speculating that it is the early stages of a stress fracture which required an MRI to see.  Since these types of injuries can only be healed with complete rest, Hansbrough will be pulled off the practice floor and probably spend time on the stationary bike.

Second question, how big a problem will this be?  It could ultimately be nothing especially since there is still some time for Hansbrough to rest his leg and get healthy.  Conceivably Hansbrough could be held out all the way until the Santa Barbara game on November 21st.  Penn should not be a problem without him but Kentucky might be though I still think UNC has enough weapons to win that game even with Hansbrough out.

The main point here is there is plenty of time to get Hansbrough healthy because the only thing that matters is six games in March/April. So take your time fellas.  Get well.  The team can manage though November and December well enough.  Just be ready to go come January because the conference season is where things gel for a national title run.