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UNC Ranked Once Again

Heels are #21 in the AP Poll, #22 in the coaches poll, #22 in the BCS.

This is a case where polls and perceptions are given to seismic shifts from week to week, especially when you consider the opinion of UNC shifted because (1) the Heels crushed a ranked BC team that was perceived to be very good based on a win over Virginia Tech and (2) the perception of Virginia changed. UVa opened the season craptacular fashion losing to USC, UConn and Duke by an average of 36 points. The perception was, rightfully so, that UVa sucked. Beating Maryland 31-0 at home did little to change that thinking since Maryland had their own problems in the form of losing to Middle Tennessee. Yes, the Terps beat Cal but UVa got little credit for their win because Maryland was seen as a team given to falling asleep at the wheel. So when UNC lost to UVa without Brandon Tate the perception was they lost to a weak team. Fast forward one week. UVa collects another win over a ranked team, on the road at that. Meanwhile the Heels bounce back and smack a ranked team at home. The result? UNC gets back into the poll because the BC win was a good one and the loss to UVa is now considered to be not so bad. Incidentally, Maryland also entered both polls at #25. That is noteworthy because UVa has wins over both UNC and Maryland. They are ranked and UVa isn't. Maybe the perception of UVa has not changed after all.