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UNC-Texas Basketball Series In The Offing?

This should be fun.

According to the Austin-American Statesman, Texas and UNC are negotiating a four game series with two neutral site games(Arlington and Greensboro) and two home games.

Texas basketball coach Rick Barnes is in the process of securing the series of games against the North Carolina Tar Heels that he has wanted for several years.

The Longhorns and Tar Heels are close to finalizing a date — Dec. 19, 2009 — for a game at the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium in Arlington, a matchup that could be the first in a four-game series, a team spokesman said.

The second game would be played in Greensboro, N.C. The schools are discussing playing subsequent games in Austin and Chapel Hill, N.C.

Quite frankly I do not enjoy being that close to Rick Barnes unless some tournament committee says it must happen.  For whatever reason, Barnes has wanted this series, probably stemming from having played against Roy when the latter was at Kansas.  It is not clear how much Barnes getting in Dean's face in 1995 had to do with this deal not getting done for "several years."  Still, this should be a good series. UNC has never shied away from playing a major opponent or two in the regular season. They are also not afraid to actually travel to the home state of said opponent instead of say, Madison Square Garden, like a certain team eight miles down the road.

Also, I expect this will get done for next season because John Henson will be a freshman and while he did relocate to Florida for his senior year in high school, playing a game in Texas would probably be more of a "home" game for him.