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#1 UNC vs Chaminade

What: Maui Invitational
Where: Lahaina Civic Center, Maui, HI
When: Monday, November 24th, 9:30 PM
Online: JustinTV
Records: UNC 3-0; Chaminade 0-0

It is very difficult to preview a game against a Division II team that has yet to play a game. Tyler Hansbrough and his shin will be the focus of this game. Will he play? Should he play? Does it matter since I think Patrick Moody, Jack Wooten, JB Tanner, Justin Watts and Marc Campbell could probably win this game or at the very least keep it close? Given this is the first of three games I would be shocked to see any of the starters get more than 30 minutes, especially if they blow the doors off this team by halftime. Which they should do and if that is not the case something is very wrong.

UNC 110 Chaminade 54