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#1 UNC vs Oregon

What: Maui Invitational
Where: Lahaina Civic Center, Maui, HI
When: Tuesday, November 25th, 9:30 PM
Records: UNC 4-0; Oregon 3-1


So the Heels get Oregon who trottled chronically overrated Ronald Steele and Alabama.  The Crimson Tide are perpetually high on everyone's list until they actually start playing then reality sets in.  Oregon on the other hand is probably not very high on many lists and considering their body of work before beating Bama, rightfully so.  The Ducks lose to Oakland in OT and scraped by versus Northern Colorado and IC Irvine.  Oregon is a young team with three juniors, two sophs and the rest first year players.  UNC has the edge one exeprience and one would presume talent even if Tyler Hansbrough is not 100%

No word as of this writing whether Hansbrough will play in this game.  The ankle sprain happened in the UCSB game but was not known to Roy until they arrived in Maui.  Either there is funny business going in with the communications between the team trainer and the coaches or Hansbrough may have very well hid it thinking it was no big deal.  Hansbrough wants back into the lineup in a bad way and who can blame him.  He is a tenacious competitor and this is his final season of college ball so every game he misses it is like he is wasting time.  The team goals should win out though and I have no read on what Roy does with him tonight.

I would venture to say that I think the Heels have found their groove on offense.  The rebounding is the primary concern and will be until Hansbrough returns.  The weight of this game falls on Lawson, Ellington and Green to drive the offense with Davis and Thompson taking care of business on the frontline.  I expect a Tar Heel regardless of Hansbrough's status with a bear waiting in the next round.

UNC 88 Oregon 72