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Who Wins the Coastal Division Now?

How things look after last Saturday's carnage:

Virginia Tech (3-2) is still in the driver's seat, naturally. Should the limp their way to victory over Miami, Duke, and Virginia, the trip to Tampa is theirs. If they're successful, the only other team who could go 6-2 in conference is UNC, victim to the Hokies back in September.

North Carolina (3-2) needs Virginia Tech to drop a game in addition to winning out over Maryland, N.C. State and Duke. Miami is the best bet at beating the Hokies, and should the Hurricanes win out and also go 6-2, Carolina has that tiebreaker thanks to the last second interception in Dolphin Stadium.

Miami (3-2) needs to win out over Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and N.C. State. They also, per above, need UNC to lose a game.

Virginia (3-3) can win out against Clemson and Virginia Tech, but will still need losses from Miami and UNC. More importantly, that Miami loss needs to be against a division member, so an upset by N.C. State won't cut it. After that, it gets into the high weeds of the conference tiebreaker, and I'm pretty lost.

Georgia Tech (4-3) is pretty much screwed. Should they win their last conference game over Miami, and get UNC and VT to both drop a game, they'd still lose the tiebreakers due to a dismal (potential) 2-3 Coastal Division record. Their best bet is to get Carolina and the Hokies to lose two conference games apiece, and have UVa lose a game as well. 

As for Duke (1-4)? Let's see, if everybody in the division goes 4-4, Duke's division record will be 3-2, but so will practically everybody else's. Hell, it may just be decided by a draw at that point - no one will be in the BCS standings, that's for sure.