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Computers Like UNC Football; Paul Johnson, Not So Much

It's a bit of a disconnect to look at the BCS rankings and see North Carolina on the list. Even though it will have practically no effect on UNC's postseason destination, it's interesting to see where they're placed. Especially since the Heels are one of this year's crop of teams respected by computers, and dissed by the voters - one poll has them as high as 10th (Massey's) and another two 13th. The remain three put the Heels at 16th and 18th, roughly where the voters place them. Maybe it's time to twist some SBNation arms about the blogpoll.

Not as fond of Carolina as our silicon-powered bretheren, however, is Georgia Tech's coach Paul Johnson:

At the luncheon, held at Fox Sports Grill at Atlantic Station, a guest asked Johnson if he was irked by Carolina’s passing the ball with less than four minutes to go and the score 28-7.

Said Johnson, “I can only coach one team at a time, but they’re in our division, and we will see them again.”

For the record the passes - there were three, two of which fell incomplete - were the first snaps taken by T.J. Yates, injured since mid-September.  Heck, they threw on 4th and 10 from the Georgia Tech 23 rather than kick a field goal just to get Yates another play. It wasn't running up the score, and it absolutely was the right thing to do to prepare for this week's game at Maryland. Why don't you go back to being mad at the refs?