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ACC Basketball Preview

UNC, Duke and everyone else.

Predictions are fairly worthless things, mine even more so but I thought I would toss them out there with some comments on how I think it will go.  Feel free to post your own.

1. North Carolina
2. Duke
3. Wake Forest
4. Miami
5. Virginia Tech
6. Clemson
7. NC State
8. Georgia Tech
9. Maryland
10. Boston College
11. Florida State
12. Virginia

  • I am higher on Wake Forest and a bit lower on Miami than seemingly everyone else.  I think the way last season ended has colored perceptions. Wake struggled after the win over Duke while Miami was competitive to the point they almost upended Texas in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament.  There is also a very passionate and possible unhealthy love of Jack McClinton.  Gut feeling says Wake is the more balanced team if the freshman that just showed up can be impact players.  Also, Dino Gaudio has his teams usually playing good defense.
  • Some of you might balk at NC State at #7.  I think the Wolfpack will be better than expected.  The media placed them ninth in their poll but based on things I am reading about Brandon Costner being back in shape and the team chemistry possible being better I have to think it translate into 9-7 or 8-8 which will get you to 7th.
  • Georgia Tech will be without Lewis Clench but has some good freshmen coming in to help.  Still I think the Yellow Jackets will have problems and one has to wonder if Paul Hewitt is feeling some extreme warmth in his posterior region should this season end up without an NCAA bid.
  • I would say the same for Gary Williams but I am not sure Maryland is that interested in general is tossing him to the curb.  The Terps had some recruits bail on them and lost enough on the interior to create major issues for them.  Grevis Vasquez needs to take care of the basketball, something he has been severely allergic to, except when playng UNC in Chapel Hill.
  • Virginia Tech and Clemson will be an interesting pair to watch since they did both lose some senior contributors but have plenty of talent left in the tank to make themselves a bother to somebody.
  • Anyone understand or care how Leonard Hamilton still has his job at FSU?
  • The only thing worth watching in the bottom trio is Tyrese Rice at Boston College.  Everyone else down there is an insult to good basketball.