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ACC Basketball Roundup(11/24)

Easing into it.

So what did the past week of play for ACC basketball teams bring?

  • Virginia Tech got royally screwed in the worst possible losing in OT to Xavier on a half court bank shot.  Yeah, that will leave a mark, so much so they followed that up Sunday by losing to Seton Hall.  These are not really bad losses but needless to say the Hokies did not enjoy Puerto Rico as much as they would have like.  I still think VT will be fine despite being down early.
  • Duke is winning but having seen them play twice now I can say there are some holes, especially in their interior play.  As is always the case with Duke it will be interesting to see if the wear well.
  • Wake Forest has scored a lot points so far.  Granted it was NC Central and UNCW but still it they are obviously unafraid to play fast.  Should be a fun matchup with the Heels when the time comes.
  • Virginia is the least impressive 3-0 team in the country.  Two point wins over South Florida and Radford?  Seriously?
  • Georgia Tech almost got bitten by the Mercer bug that swept through the state of Alabama.  Something tells me Mercer might be a little good.
  • Florida State is the least impressive 4-0 team in the country.  Nice to know UVa has something to shoot for still.
  • Maryland has at least handled the cupcakes so far but needed OT to beat back Vermont who I am assuming is probably not as good as any team in the ACC.  I expect Maryland will get a healthy dose of reality versus Michigan State this week thus beginning the Terps crazy meandering through the whole season.
  • NC State arrives at 2-0 showing some minor signs of life and a schedule that will go a long ways toward winning a few games early.  The Pack have Davidson on December 6th which should be entertaining to see if the Pack guards can do anything with Stephen Curry.  No one else has and I serious expect no one from the Pack will either.
  • Miami got a dose of playing with the big boys losing to UConn on Sunday.  I am thinking Jack McClinton and Dwayne Collins need some help from their teammates.  A lot of help.