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ACC Football Week #10: Review


Actually all we care about here at THF is how the four games today affect UNC's chances to win the Coastal Division.  And also Duke losing.  We can always do with Duke losing heartbreakers to Wake Forest.  Anyway,  UVa lost in OT to Miami, Georgia Tech beat FSU and no one really cares about Clemson further marginalizing Boston College because people in Boston surely don't.

As for the Coastal Division, at present there are five teams with two losses.  Duke with three losses is pretty much eliminated from a clean shot at the division title.  It is also a complete waste of time to try and discern anything at this point considering Georgia Tech is leading the division at 4-2 but lost to both UVa and Virginia Tech.  UNC is 2-2 and has the same problem as GT.  Miami lost to UNC but beat Virginia.

For UNC to win the division they still must run the table and finish 6-2 in the ACC.  UNC also needs both UVa and Virginia Tech to each lose once more which would drop both of them to three losses.  Since those two play each other one of them will end up with three losses.  As long as the winner of that game also has three losses UNC will win the division.  Since the first tiebreaker is head-to-head UNC does not have to worry about Miami in the event both schools end up at 6-2.  By virture of running the table, UNC would hand Georgia Tech their third loss should they win next week.

Record This Week: 3-1
Record This Season: 48-25