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ACC Football Week #11: Preview

There is a chance that by Saturday night UNC could be in control of it's own destiny in the Coastal Division.

It starts tonight with Maryland traveling to Virginia Tech for a 7:45 game on ESPN.  Maryland can be both very good and very bad depending on the week.  VT is playing sans their top two QBs.  If Maryland can manage win they not only help themselves in the Atlantic but also tag VT with three losses eliminating one obstacle UNC cannot control.

The other one is Virginia who travels to Wake Forest.  Wake will be looking to get themselves back on track to win the Atlantic Division and should they hand the Cavs their 2nd straight loss, UNC would assume command that is if the Heels can beat Georgia Tech.  So the events that best help UNC are:

UNC beats Georgia Tech
Wake beats UVa
Maryland beats VT

Should those three games break that way, UNC will be in control of their own destiny over the final three games of the season.

Elsewhere on the schedule you have the game formerly known as Bowden Bowl.  Clemson plays FSU in a game that means much more to FSU than it does to Clemson, though the Tigers would at least like to go to a bowl, not that it would remove the stench found on them for being so bad despite their favored status.  NC State finally gets a game versus Duke.  Too bad for them they missed all of the seasons the Blue Devils sucked and now they are forced to play them when the folks in Durham are fielding a good team. And BC plays Notre Dame in a game that always reminds me of the one in 1993 where ND was on the verge of heading into the bowl season as a undefeated #1 after beating FSU the previous week but fell to BC on a field goal.  Plenty has changed since then, that is for certain.

#23 Maryland 20 VT 17
#22 FSU 30 Clemson 10
Duke 34 NCSU 20
Wake Forest 21 UVa 14
ND 22 BC 20
#19 UNC 24 #20 GT 21

Record Last Week: 3-1
Record This Season: 48-25