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ACC Football Week #11: Review

One down, one to go.

Wake Forest took Virginia out and handed the Cavs their third loss and clearing them from UNC's path.  Maryland could offer no help in losing to Virginia Tech and I fully hope Maryland plays this weekend as bad as they did in Blacksburg last Thursday.  UNC still needs to win out which is becoming an increasing realistic possibility.  UNC's next great hope?  Miami beating Virginia Tech this Thursday.  Should that happen UNC goes into the weekend in control of their own destiny with a game lead in the loss column on everyone except Miami and against the Hurricanes they have the tiebreaker. There is a Coastal Division Doomsday Scenario which involves four teams ending up 5-3.  Too many things have to happen for that to be the case and I presently have a headache by simply thinking of it longer than five minutes.

In the Atlantic, you have FSU and Wake tied at 4-2 but Wake owns the tiebreaker.  If UNC does what they need to do Maryland will have three losses making it a two horse race down the stretch.

Record This Week: 3-3
Record This Season: 51-28