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ACC Football Week #12: Review

It was a dream, nothing more.

So if you are keeping score at home the slate of games began with Virginia Tech in control of their own destiny to win the Coastal Division followed by UNC for two days and now Miami who takes a one game lead in the loss column to Georgia Tech this Thursday.  The Hurricanes will try to do what no one else has been able to do and win a game when the division mattered.  Of course the Coastal Division Doomsday Scenario is still a possibility which does not help UNC but would be a blast to watch.

In the Atlantic, Florida State surprisingly lost to Boston College while Wake Forest was faltering versus a now injury free NC State.  Maryland is in control of their own destiny but face FSU and BC to end the season.  All that basically means is there is also a chance there will be a Atlantic Division Doomsday Scenario of at least three teams ending the season at 5-3.  If both scenarios were to happen you could have half the conference with 5-3 ACC records.  This is a perfect example of teams beating up on each other while at the same time making the league look mediocre at best.

At any rate, I think we will see a Miami-Maryland ACC title game but then again what do I know.

Record This Week: 2-3
Record This Season: 53-31