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ACC Football Week #13: Preview

Real quick.

UNC needs Miami, Virginia Tech and UVa to lose while the Heels win out.  I don't think that is going to happen but you know this is the 2008 ACC season and everything else has so why not?  That means this week Georgia Tech and Clemson become favorable teams to pull for.  Duke is playing VT, do the best you can with pulling against VT in that one while not twisting yourself into a logical pretzel over whether being against one team implies you are really for the other one.

On the other side, Maryland can win the Atlantic if they beat FSU and BC loses to Wake.  Otherwise the MD-BC game next week will be a hot property.  I think. It's all very confusing.

Miami 27 GT 19
Clemson 22 UVa 21
MD 30 FSU 20
Wake Forest 21 BC 18
VT 35 Duke 14
UNC 34 NCSU 20

Record Last Week: 2-3
Record This Season: 53-31