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Baddour Says Davis Is Committed

It should be noted that football recruits are also committed which does not mean jack until they sign the freaking LOI. Via ACC Now:

So when asked Monday whether Tennessee has asked permission to talk to football coach Butch Davis about its head coaching vacancy, Baddour said he wanted to stick with that policy.

However, "Coach Davis has spoken clearly and loudly about his commitment to North Carolina,’’ Baddour said. "… All of us, especially Coach Davis, are so focused on the team and this week’s game at Maryland … and I’m just so proud and happy for this program, and what he has done."

Is there an echo in here? Anyone want to tell me why Baddour repeating what Davis said changes the situation any? Also, I fully expected Baddour to follow up "proud and happy" with "we are just plum tickled" in an effort to shore up support with the 80 year old women who call the radio show.

Baddour is also supposed to meet with the Board of Trustees "soon" to talk about Phase I of Kenan Stadium renovations. I intepret "soon" to mean "as quickly as we can get these guys in the same room."