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Butch Davis Watch(11/09)[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Butch Davis was asked about the UT job at his Sunday press conference. Here was his response.

"I addressed that last week," Davis said, "and there's no further discussion about that."

The reason UT leaked their interest in Davis to the media is they wanted to gauge his interest through the media. At least that is why I think they did it. The job is thought to be such a plum, folks running the search probably are not concerned with conducting this in the public eye. Davis' statement today basically reaffirms his commitment statement from last week(with whatever weight you wish to give it) and shuts down any further discussion of it. At any rate, until UT publicly announces they are looking elsewhere I am maintaining the advisory at YELLOW.


Raising the alert to YELLOW on the news from Knoxville that Butch Davis is the Vols' top candidate.