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Davis: "No Interest Whatsoever"

Holy crap, did Butch Davis fully deny interest in the UT job by using the word "no" in his response?

Via IC:

Asked yet again about his rumored interest in the open head coach position at the University of Tennessee, Butch Davis gave a definitive answer on Wednesday morning.

"I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the University of Tennessee job," Davis said on Wednesday's ACC teleconference. "It's a great job, but I have no interest in it.

"I've said for the last couple of weeks that I love being here and my family loves being at Carolina. We’re building with the administration everything we can every single day to build a championship football program here."

When asked if Tennessee had contacted him or his agent, Jimmy Sexton, Davis replied, “No.”

Believing that last line might be contingent on what your definition of "contacted" means.  The scuttlebutt was that UT had indeed called Sexton but who knows if that conversation was fleeting enough to justify saying no contact had occurred. That is if you can actually do that with a straight face.

Here is the $64,000 question: What changed between Sunday and today that liberated Davis enough to offer up a full-throated denial of interest?

Did UT cool their interest in him behind the scenes so he issues the statement to look like he is committed to UNC?

Did Dick Baddour and the BOT offer up the concessions Davis was looking for and we will have some kind of announcement about a contract extension and Kenan renovations at some point in the future?

It could not possibly be that Davis is actually committed to UNC and decided to simply state it.  I mean we are all too cynical to believe that one right?

At any rate, that's a pretty big slab of beef Davis is got hanging out there now.  As a UNC fan you have to feel pretty good about where this is going but still reserve some skepticism until all the high profile jobs are filled.