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Ed Davis: Consummate Team Player

You always want a guy like this.

I recall reading on the IC message board someone saying that Ed Davis was the first to congratulate a teammate on a great defensive play.  The poster pointed out what a great teammate he was.  Based on that and this interview with ACC Now, it is apparent Ed Davis has a team first focus:

Freshman forward Ed Davis recorded the second double-double of his career during UNC's semifinal victory over Oregon in the Maui Invitational on Tuesday night. Here's some of what he had to say after the game:

Q: What has been your key to rebounding so well?

A: That's just one thing I know can add to this team, night in and night out, is my rebounding. I might not be able to score or defend as well as I want to, but I know one thing I can do is rebound every night, so that's my goal every night.

Q: Are rebounds more important to you that points right now?

A: I just feel like on this team, with my role this year, rebounding would be a good thing to do to get the playing time because that's what I do night in and night out.

Q; When you came in, did you know that's something the team would need from you?

A: Coach always talks about rebounding, and hustling, so that's something I focus on -- trying to get every rebound I can.

Q: What do you know about Notre Dame and Luke Haragody [who the Tar Heels play tonight]?

A: I know he's a first team All American in the preseason, and Tyler [Zeller's] brother is on there [the Notre Dame team] so he tells us stuff. It's going to be a good game for us.

Q: What do you think of all the injuries to all the big men around you this year?

A: I see it as an opportunity. But with Tyler [Zeller] going out for the year, that really hurt, because we're a family ... but we just have to pick up for his slack, and hope he gets better for next year.

Q: Do you take pride in the fact that you have two double-doubles already this year?

A: I'm just glad that we're 5-0, so that's all I'm happy about.

Invoking words like family and pointing to the team record instead of talking about the two double-doubles is a sign that Davis has a good head on his shoulders and that he also buys into what Roy Williams is selling.