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Exhibition: UNC vs Pembroke

Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Saturday, November 8th, 5:30 PM

Note: If there is anyone attending the game, please email me your observations and thoughts no later than around 10 PM Saturday night and I will include them as a part of the postgame analysis.

This will be our first look at the prohibitive national title favorites. It will be sans Tyler Hansbrough and Marcus Ginyard. I would expect Hansbrough is out until Maui, maybe the game before versus Santa Barbara on November 21st. There is no indication how far along Ginyard is in his recovery. The question becomes who will start against Pembroke? My guess: Lawson, Ellington, Green, Thompson, Zeller. In fact I think Zeller has to start unless Roy is looking to put a smaller lineup out there. In terms of what to pay attention to in a game most of will not see?

1. Defense
2. The functionality of the offense without Hansbrough
3. How well Bobby Frasor and Deon Thompson play
4. Tyler Zeller and secondary to him Ed Davis and Larry Drew
5. General cohesiveness of the team

As I said, it does not count so reading too much into this probably will not give you much still, we can give some indications about how the team will work missing two important cogs.