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Football Odds and Ends


  • Butch Davis has stated Cam Sexton will start against NC State(and the message boards groaned) This decision indicates two things in my opinion: (1) Davis thinks the Maryland game was as much about the Terps' defense than it was Sexton's overall play and (2) Yates, while playing a few snaps versus Georgia Tech, may not be as ready to go as they would like.  Personally, I would have yanked Sexton in the MD game simply because you have the luxury of a proven QB on the bench who may have been able to make a dent at a crucial point.  Such a move would not have been an indictment of Sexton but rather using the tools available, especially when the starter is struggling.
  • A commenter raised a question of a missing 25 seconds in the last two minutes of the game versus Maryland.  It would seem that the refs did indeed screw up though Butch Davis never made an issue of it.  As you recall, Maryland had the ball, 3rd down on the nine when it was ruled Chris Turner completed a pass to the one yard line with over two minutes left.  Maryland, with a 1st down on the one, decided to milk some clock and they did until the officials stopped the clock for a review.  On further review the pass was ruled incomplete bringing up fourth down at the nine but the officials never adjusted the clock.  Since the pass was incomplete the clock would have stopped at that point.  The officials never bothered to adjust the time for this and UNC got the ball back with 1:33 left in the game not close to two minutes as it should have been.  Did it matter?  Not really.  UNC did not run out of time since the Sexton INT came with 49 seconds left.  There is a slight impact since starting a drive with almost two minutes left is better than doing it with 1:33 left. UNC had all their timeouts, started the drive from their own 35 and who knows, the extra time may have allowed for one running play against a Maryland defense looking for the pass.  Besides that it is just more bad officiating from the ACC to which we have grown accustomed.
  • JP Gilgio has Coastal Division scenarios that could still give UNC a path to Tampa.  Unfortunately it involves Miami, VT and UVa all losing a game over the next two weeks while UNC has to beat NCSU and Duke.  I think UNC can handle their end.  As for the rest of it, it's possible.  GT could beat Miami, Clemson could beat Virginia and Virginia could in turn beat Virginia Tech.  I do not see Duke beating VT or NCSU beating Miami which are the other possibilities.  The possibility is there it just does not seem probable.
  • NC State comes to town Saturday having won two straight games and carrying some momentum.  There is a belief beginning to circulate that the Pack comes in without any pressure and could upend the Heels in Kenan.  I counter with the fact UNC has played extremely well following the previous losses this season and has plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball to handle NCSU despite the late season improvement.  Personally I would very much like to see UNC ream the Pack in a manner that would frighten young children but a win in any form would be acceptable as well.