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Forget Injury Bug, This is an Epidemic

Now Bobby Frasor might not be available for the Penn game after spraining his ankle on Monday. The good news is Frasor did practice on Friday. The bigger problem is losing so many guys during practice and it is really starting to hose up Roy's intention to run the tempo even faster than last season. Roy apparently intended to have certain parts of the offense and defense installed at this point. The injuries have made that more difficult and with the depth thinning it hinders the uptempo pace a bit.

As for a possible return date for Tyler Hansbrough, Roy says he has no idea.

Hansbrough’s situation has obviously drawn the most interest, and it continues to be the one with the least amount of available answers due to the oddity of the injury.

"I think when you have something like this, there’s no true formula to go by," Williams said. "You can see that there is something there or there’s not something there. And he can have pain, or he cannot have pain. It’s just [that] we’re trying to be very conservative with him."

When pressed about Hansbrough’s return, Williams replied, "I’m not hiding something from you – I do not know. My wife asked me last night and I told her the same thing."

I take that to mean either they are going to hold him well past the point of caution or it is still not clear if the shin has healed up and they do not want to risk him testing it out until they are sure. Take your pick there. I think the even money at this point is we see Hansbrough in Maui and not before.