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Ginyard Hoping For Late December Return

Still about two weeks behind however.

From the N&O:

Last year's starting small forward, who had surgery in October to repair a stress fracture in his left foot, said he had his most productive practice on Sunday since he got hurt.

He is a couple of weeks behind the original eight-week rehabilitation schedule he set but is still hoping to return by late December.

"I did some straight-on jogging, some lateral step slides. ... I've been doing some toe raises working on getting my calves stronger, I did some ballhandling out there," he said of his Sunday workout. "So it was a huge day for me, I made some huge strides. I'm just really getting excited that I can do more, and I think in the next couple of weeks everything will become more accelerated."

It would best to get Ginyard back with a few games to go in December to allow the team to acclimate to his reentry into the lineup before ACC play. Since Ginyard has largely been a defensive player with a limited role in the offense, it should not upset the balance too much.  The huge 800 pound gorilla in the room is whether Ginyard starts over Danny Green or not.  As much as Roy talks about all of the players being "character kids" if you are Green you are probably going to feel slighted if you get moved to the bench after contributing to a team that might be rolling along undefeated.  I personally think you keep Green where he is at and bring Ginyard off the bench.  We know that will be the case early on simply because Ginyard needs to get his legs back.  Chemistry wise that decision might be the most important of the season.