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How Not To Handle An End Of Game Situation

I tend to concur with the headline on this at Awful Announcing. Arizona might be the dumbest basketball team on the planet. Or poorly coached, watch the video after the jump and decide.

For those who did not care to watch the whole thing let me sum up the events.

1. Arizona ties the game at 71 with 30 seconds left.

2. Inexpicably an Arizona player fouls a UAB player to stop the clock.

3. UAB misses the front end of a one-and-one.

4. Arizona comes down and misses a shot to win the game with about five seconds left

5. UAB gets the rebounds and rushes up court to try and get off a desperation.

6. Inexplicably(again) an Arizona player reaches out to foul the ball handler to once again try and stop the clock.

7. Since the Arizona player basically reached out and slapped the UAB player in the back it was called an intentional foul with less than a second left.

8. UAB hits one free thrown and then runs the clock out since they got the ball back.

Not once but twice an Arizona player fouls to stop the clock and send UAB to the line in a tied game. The fact UAB sucked at shooting free throws the first time gave Arizona a chance at redemption or at least see OT but instead they go off and do the same thing again.

Needless to say, it is going to be a long season in Tuscon.