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Logic 1 NCAA 0

Actually the score is probably higher for Logic in this particular matchup but here is another ruling from Indianapolis that makes absolutely no sense.

The NCAA's board of directors is ending the practice of early Midnight Madness practices because it believes it could give schools a recruiting advantage.

The emergency legislation, passed Thursday, is designed to close a loophole in a previous rule that allowed coaches to have two hours of individual instruction before the official start of the season. Some coaches took advantage of that this year and decided to hold Midnight Madness a week earlier than the season's official start date. The new guidelines take effect next season.

So here is the question.  Why does having this event a week early(as Kentucky did) constitute an advantage over UNC or any school who had their event a week into official practice?  That is what the rule change is addressing.  It would be one thing if they were seeking to ban these types of events altogether but that is not the intent.  The rule change here says schools cannot have these events prior to the official start of practice by using the "two hour instruction" rule.  Now the loophole has been closed which means schools will go back to having their events on the first day of practice or like UNC did a week later.  The events will still happen, recruits will still attend them and all the NCAA has done with this rule change is...well...nothing significant that I can recognize.

Feel free to figure out what the NCAA is up to with this change.