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NCSU 41 UNC 10

You know what, I am going to let frequent reader J.Bowling write this one straight from the comments on the previous post.


I am at a loss for words!!!

That's about it. No manner of spin or hand wringing matters. UNC got their rear ends kicked all over the field. They simply did not show up today while NC State repeatedly punched them in the mouth. And yeah the Pack played a heck of a game. Russell Wilson is the real deal for them at QB.

For whatever reason UNC stopped playing football after beating Georgia Tech. Either that or the Tate injury and the fact TJ Yates was out and just has returned finally caught up to them on the balance sheet. It really could not have come at a worse time since now we are subjected to another year of scoreboard calls and assertions Tom O'Brien owns Butch Davis which for the moment appears to be the case.

All I know is the Heels better get their act together and handle Duke next week. 8-4 is plenty respectable and a definite sign of progress.