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THF On Vacation Open Thread

Okay, I am going to be offline for the next week as the Tar Heel Family heads to Disney World. I was instructed by Tar Heel Wife that I would not be bringing my laptop to Disney and am currently in negotiations to hold on to my Blackberry for the week.

In the meantime, the Tar Heels hit the court twice in my absence.

UNC vs UNC-Asheville, Sunday, November 30th, 6:30 PM, FSN

After winning the Maui Invitational and lending assistance to a man in diabetic shock, the Heels earn a much deserved cupcake snack.  In this case it is UNC Asheville which was a more compelling matchup before 7-7 Kenny George had his career tragically ended with the partial amputation of his foot.  Everyone enjoyed watching Tyler Hansbrough matchup with the gigantic George.  Now it is just you run of the mill drubbing of a Big South team by UNC.  This is a good game at a good time.  The Heels seemed to finally get it clicking in Maui but there is always an inevitable hangover from such a trip.  It is advantageous for UNC that they get this game at home to shake out cobwebs and get tuned up for the trip to Detroit to play Michigan State

UNC 105 UNC-A 77

UNC vs Michigan State, Wednesday, December 3rd, 9:15 PM, ESPN

The annual trouncing of the Big Ten by the ACC has really already started.  Maryland played Michigan State at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando and the Terps whipped the Spartans by 18.  That makes figuring out this game and Michigan State a little more difficult.  Are they overrated?  Are the Terps underrated? Probably neither since MSU bounced back to beat Oklahoma State and Maryland promptly lost to Gonzaga by 22.  I do know MSU will show up ready to play and this game will be in front of a hostile crowd as far as the Heels are concerned.  Michigan State is a deep team playing at least ten players 10 minutes or more.  In this respect UNC's pace will not bother them the way it did Notre Dame.  I also do not envision Ty Lawson running wild on the Spartan defense as he did against the Irish.  UNC is still the more talented team and with Tyler Hansbrough showing great versatility with his ability to score from anywhere the balance in this game favors the Heels.  I also fully expect Wayne Ellington and Danny Green to not be as quiet as they were during the Maui final.  Toss in a healthy dose of Deon Thompson and Ty Lawson doing what he does, UNC should win but anything can happen on the road.

UNC 81 MSU 75

Consider this an open thread for all your commenting purposes this week.  I will be back Saturday night at which point I will sort out the week that was.  Also note any new accounts will stay moderation until I return.  Enjoy the week.