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UNC 28 Duke 20

Heels finish regular season 8-4. That is what I call progress.

I want to suggest a new team award at UNC. Let's call it the Trimane Goddard Save The Game From A Crappy Prevent Defense Foistered Upon Us By A Sorry Defensive Coordinator Award. Once again UNC was protecting a touchdown lead in the final two minutes and once again the defense went into one of the worst prevents, possibly in the country allowing Duke to march downfield. And for the third time this season, it came down to Trimane Goddard making a play. Against Miami it was a take away in the end zone. Against Notre Dame it was a fumble recovery. In this instance it was another INT inside the 20 with Duke looking at a legitimate shot to score six, then go for two to tie the game. I am not one to call out coaches in the first season but the excuse we were given for the fact Everett Withers had the last ranked defense in the nation at Minnesota was due to personnel. Part me is beginning to wonder if it was not the personnel but maybe Withers is not a very good DC. Time will tell but just understand that what we see this season might be the start of a pattern. If the Heels are struggling on defense next season we will have our answer.

The offense played much better this week with T.J. Yates regaining his form on 15-19 for 190 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT. Shaun Draughan had a big day with 110 yards rushing and one TD of his own. Overall the offense was balanced which is what you love to see. A performance like this gives the Heels a high note to end the season on and gets everyone back on the same page heading into the bowl game.

Now the Heels wait to see where they go bowling at. The ACC title game must happen first before the bids get doled out, mainly because where Boston College ends up will impact matters down the line. If BC wins the ACC and heads to the Orange Bowl the rest of the picks probably go in order. If BC loses then they will likely get shuffled down a since they are a wholly undesirable bowl team to invited. My guess is UNC gets the Champs Sports Bowl but we will see.