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UNC at Duke

Where: Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC
When: Saturday, November 29th, 3:30 PM
Records: UNC 7-4, 3-4 ACC; Duke 4-7, 1-6 ACC

It's still Duke and the Heels should be mad as wasps after having their nest knocked down with a stick by some curious seven year old. Speaking from a personal experience wasps are not happy when you do that.

TJ Yates will start again as Butch Davis hopes that the rust has been properly removed.  If he can get his timing back with the receivers, Yates can have a good day and I am sure Hakeem Nicks is itching to have a big game.  On defense the Heels must rally to make up for the loss of Mark Paschal who has his career ended by a spinal injury last week.

There is also a great deal riding on the line following the two straight losses which included being beat like a cheap drum by NC State.  I think it is important for this team to recover and come out with an effort along the lines of the Boston College or Georgia Tech games.  A three game losing streak to end the season and finish 7-5 is just bad. It gives the appearance of a team that cannot close the deal which UNC did not do in control of it's own destiny heading into College Park.  There is some redemption in going to Wallace Wade and throttling Duke to finish 8-4 and secure a berth in a better bowl.

UNC 41 Duke 10