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UNC Is The Highest Ranked ACC Team In Football?

So says the latest polls which have the Heels at #19 and the highest ranking ACC team in either poll. Yeah, I know, it is about as fabulous being awarded the Buckeye Newshawk Award but for the moment UNC is on top of the ACC world....such as it is.

Not that it will buy them anything since the TV folks, in all their wisdom, have decided that UNC-GT should be the Raycom game at noon on Saturday. Thanks so much for that guys. Noon starts are horrible, especially given the logistics of getting to Kenan Stadium, it is a safe bet the stands will not be full by the start of the game. Besides that, this is the biggest ACC game of the week pitting two ranked teams and the loser will have their Coastal Division hopes dashed. So what games did the good folks at ABC/ESPN think was a better choice to slide into the 3:30 regional slot? How about Clemson-FSU which used to mean something when there were actually two Bowdens coaching in this game. Now there is only one and Clemson is barely hanging on for a bowl bid I am not sure what the attraction is here. This decision seems to indicate that more people will watch a struggling Clemson team versus FSU than a UNC-GT battle for Coastal Division supremacy...such as it is. Though it could be worse, you could be Duke and NCSU who could not get a game on television if they had their own network.

Of course, it is what it is so complaining about it really will not change anything. There is really only one thing that could make this worse and that is if Ron Cherry and the other blind mice on his crew are assigned to the UNC game. Considering Cherry has already done two games at Kenan this season, I think the chances are pretty good we see him again. If this is the case all I ask is the ACC to double the number of cameras assigned to the game so every play can be effectively reviewed just in case.