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Will Hansbrough Play Tonight?

It is being considered though Roy says he is leaning towards "no."

“The honest answer is I don’t know, and I know you would like to have something and you’d like to know as much as I would.” But Williams gave Carolina fans a glimmer of hope when he noted that a decision on Hansbrough's playing status for tonight's nonconference game against the Gauchos (10 p.m. ESPNU) would be made during after the team’s shootaround earlier in the day. “I’m leaning toward no, but it depends,” he said.

Hansbrough practiced with the team Thursday and Wednesday and “went through a pretty extensivie workout of running, jumping and doing some things” on the day of the Kentucky game, said Williams.

“He’s been very good conditioning-wise. He’s been doing most of it in the pool.

"Wednesday, he went through practice with no problems and today he through practice. I don’t know if he had any problems. We’ll ice (the leg) down and go through the shootaround tomorrow and do some review and see if he has any problems and make a decision on whether to let him play, or hold him off and try to get two days of a little bit more work.”

The question of whether the injury to Tyler Zeller has any impact on when Tyler Hansbrough returns.  Gut instinct says not since Hansbrough was already going through drills before the UK game and it appears since then he has been through two full practices.  Roy seems to be wrestling with whether to give it a few more days to be sure the injury does not reappear.  UNC has been very cautious about this and rightfully so.  The "I don't know" from Roy is based on the fact they are basically checking to see if there has been in negative reaction to the ramped up activity.  Given the nature of the injury you really want to be sure it has truly healed and there are no indications it may happen again once he starts putting strain on it.  Since that is the case, the water is a bit muddy here because no one knows what really caused it in the first place other than the fact Tyler Hansbrough might be insane when it comes to working out.

His presence is not needed to dispatch UCSB but at the same time the sooner he can return the better.  The flipside to that is if you can rest it one more game why wouldn't you?  Another example of why I do not envy major college coaches in the slightest.