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#1 UNC vs Rutgers

Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Sunday, November 28th, 7:45 PM
TV: Fox Sports Net
Records: UNC 11-0; Rutgers 9-3

Basketball takes center stage.

After a second extended lay off the Heels resume business against Rutgers whose 9-3 record is not nearly as impressive as it might sound with huge wins over Bryant University, Princeton and NJIT.  In short Rutgers is not a very good team and we can probably expect the Heels to roll out a 20 point lead and then screw around for the remainder of the game.

Other than that there is not much to say.  I am pretty convinced the Heels will stay on cruise control until they actually hit ACC play at which point I think they will raise their game a notch.  We could get into the business of nitpicking their peformance against weaker teams but I am not sure what purpose that serves nor do I believe you can do so without falling into an endless cycle of always finding something to gripe about.  Based on the Heels' performance versus all the other teams out there you can honestly say UNC had not played a game yet where they were truly threatened.  I do not know of any other team ranked directly below the Heels who can make the same claim outside of Pitt and even they struggled versus Florida State.

Bottom line is UNC has three more non-conference games they should win easily with Boston College mixed in before the real test comes on January 11th at Winston-Salem.  At that point the real season begins.

UNC 105 Rutgers 70