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Chris Collins Needs a Page-A-Day Calendar or Something

Mr. Collins did a bad, bad thing in going to the GlaxoSmithKline Holiday Invitational this week, and Duke is self-reporting the violation to the NCAAs. Obviously, the program is hopelessly corrupt and should be given the SMU death penalty.

The NCAA's rules continue to surprise me. They picked three days, December 24th through 26th, and decided coaches can't watch high school basketball games? Unlike the rest of the year, when coaches can attend high school games but can't talk to the players, these three days are sacred? It's not like there isn't this miraculous invention called video, where such games could be recorded and watched on a separate date; I'd be surprised if every interested coach in the country weren't watching the games today on their magic picture-boxes. Is it some great quantum experiment, to see how the players react when they're not being observed? Is the NCAA just high?

Maybe they are; after all, an organization determined to see that athletes never see a dime of the money they're earning for the entire screwed up organization has no problem with the same student athletes being larded with corporate shopping sprees. The NCAA - where logic goes to die.

(But seriously, shut down Duke basketball.)