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ACC Basketball Roundup(12/22)

Look! Actual ACC play.

  • Clemson and Miami will likely end up fighting with Virginia Tech in the 4-5-6 area of the standings so the fact the two played each other to open ACC play could carry a lot of weight down the road.  Clemson got a huge night from K.C. Rivers who hit four threes and scored 28 points.  Miami squandered multiple opportunities at the FT line hitting only 12 of 27 attempts.  I am not sure if this legitimizes Clemson or delegitamizes Miami in any way.  Most likely the latter.  Clemson did play a weak schedule coming(as they always do) but the ACC is stronger this season and if the Tigers are the fourth best team in the league, that is pretty good company.
  • Duke blew Xavier out of Madison Square Garden which ought to be impressive except it seems like Duke always blows teams out there(save Pitt last season.)  Jon Scheyer and Gerald Henderson combined to be 8-10 from three point range and Duke simply outplayed the Musketeers.  At this point Duke still lacks a balanced offense and so much rides on the three point shooting to at least get the Blue Devils offense off on the right foot.  When that does not happen things get dicey.
  • FSU is not a good team.  The Noles play #3 Pitt and get a gift: Pitt shoots 33% from the floor.  The problem is FSU shot 29% from the floor and only managed 48 points in losing.  Obviously it was a bad game for Pitt but I think it speaks far worse of FSU.
  • Wake Forest looked fairly unimpressive against Richmond on Friday night which may be evidence that the Deacs, while talented, are still dealing in some inexperience.
  • If I had to rank the ACC right now, here is what it would look like:1. UNC
    2. Duke
    3. Wake Forest
    4. Clemson
    5. Maryland
    6. NC State
    7. Miami
    8. Virginia Tech
    9. Boston College
    10. Georgia Tech
    11. Florida State
    12. Virginia