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Ginyard Cleared To Play

So sayeth Roy on his radio show Monday night.

Marcus Ginyard, who had surgery on his foot to repair a stress fracture, has been cleared by doctors to return to full practice. Based on the original timetable he is running about two weeks behind. According to Roy, Ginyard will start doing normal practice activities, mainly for the sake of conditioning. He will suit up for the game this weekend but is not available to play.

I imagine he will see action versus Evansville on 12/18 if all goes well and they have a good stretch of games and practice to incorporate Ginyard back into the linup ahead of ACC play.

On other injury issues, Tyler Hansbrough was told to take seven days off following MSU and his ankle is doing better. The shin appears to be a non-issue at this point but I am sure being watched closes. Mike Copeland is still a few weeks from returning.