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UNC 100 ORU 84

Not one of their best efforts.

The Heels appeared to be slightly bored with ORU, especially on defense.  ORU got away with too many easy baskets and despite committing 25 turnovers only lost by 16 on the home floor of the #1 team in the nation.  I am guessing the ten day break took a little bit of the edge off.  UNC should have won this game by at least 10 more points if the defense had played with the requisite intensity.  Still, it is a win, UNC was never in danger at any point and we will ultimately let it ride as a by product of rust.  There were some high points though.

Any of UNC's future opponents want to live in a world where Tyler Hansbrough and Deon Thompson combine for 48 points, 17 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 steals?  Hansbrough was Hansbrough and the addition of the perimeter jumpers continue to impress.  Thompson was simply a beast.  He made so many good shots and had a number of great moves to the basket.  With Wayne Ellington still struggling to find his shot and Danny Green a tad erratic, the duo inside was indispensible.  Ty Lawson was solid again with 18 points and seven assists.  He did commit two turnovers, perhaps someone should call Ripley's.

Overall the defense was simply not very focused and there were some missed opportunities on offense.  No one expects UNC to maintain the level of play we say in Maui and versus Michigan State.  Long breaks in play tend to reset momentum and after ten days of not playing meaningful competition it was expected the team would be out of sync a bit.  The next game against Evansville should be better and with Tyler Hansbrough nine points from passing Phil Ford it should be a very special night.