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ACC Conference-Only Tempo-Free Statistics

Numbers, numbers, numbers (through Friday):

The number that immediately jumps out at me is UNC's effective field goal percentage. The Tar Heels are the third-worst shooting team in the ACC, yet are still managing a quite respectable 1.10 points per possession. Some of that can be attributed to the league-leading offensive rebounds, and the impressive lack of turnovers, but still. This is some poor shooting, and the quicker they get out of this slump, the better.

In a year of poor defenses, the key to a winning cinference record appears to be holding down your opponent's scoring - here at least, the Tar Heels are doing well. It's also interesting that Duke's defense is beginning to regress to the mean. They're stil leading the league, but with nowhere near the 89.2 OPPP they're averaging for the season.

I'm amazed there's very little statistical difference between 1-7 Virginia and 4-4 N.C. State. Are the Wolfpack really getting more wins than the numbers would predict?