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Wahoo, Serious

The biggest question about today's game against Virginia has nothing to do with the Cavaliers - instead, it's will UNC have open tryouts for point guard at this rate? Is Marc Campbell injuring players from the bench with his mind? Luckily, Virginia is 1-8, with only one high-caliber player on their team, the guy playing... point guard. At least the Heels will be rested after two relaxing and uneventful games last week.

The Cavaliers offense is ineffectual, their rebounding mediocre, and their defense the second easiest to score on in the league. The only thing they've got going for them is a decent grip on the ball, rarely turning it over. UNC handled a much better Virginia team last year, and shouldn't have much trouble with this one.

But if I were Roy Williams, I'd swing by Costco and pick up a case of spare point guards just to be on the safe side. Getting these things in bulk is a wise move sometimes.