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UNC 87, N.C. State 70

Apparently, after years of telling the Wolfpack they're not Carolina's primary rival, they've begun to believe it. That's the only explanation for a second straight matchup where Sidney Lowe's players just gave up at times.

This series from ESPN's play-by-play pretty much sums up the depths State has sunk to. Six points in thirty-two seconds, without a Wolfpack player touching the ball inbounds - Hansbrough stole the inbounds pass - culminating in a Marcus Ginyard drive and dunk past a flatfooted NCSU defense. You just don't let that happen in a game that matters to you.

UNC had a slow start, thanks to some excellent play from Gavin Grant, but down six with five minutes to go in the half, the Heels ran off nine straight to close out the half, and proceeded to blow the Wolfpack out of the water in the second. J.J. Hickson was a complete nonfactor - never scoring when Tyler Hansbrough was between him and the basket[*]. Hansbrough, on the other hand, had 5 steals as a center. Five. Steals.

Oh, and 32 points and 12 rebounds. But when was the last time a center had five steals?