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UNC 93, Duke 76

That's not a prediction; it's what happened in Cameron Indoor tonight. The UNC women's team dominated the Blue Devils, not allowing them a three pointer until 12:50 to play in the second half when the score was already 65-51. Duke ended up 2-17 from behind the arc. UNC walked away with five players in double figures, including Jessica Breland, who spent the majority of the game on the bench with foul trouble, playing only 13 minutes.

If the men do the same thing - control the offensive boards, score from both inside and out (UNC was 7-11 from the three. Seven for eleven. The men's team has only managed that level of shooting once this season, against ODU.) and deny Duke any perimeter shooting, this will be a cakewalk, no matter how many turnovers there are. Here's hoping.